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The Baseball Bucket List podcast interviews baseball enthusiasts and insiders on what makes the game so special to them. I recently sat down with host Anna to discuss my journey to and through Cuban baseball culture. We talked about the genesis of CubaDugout and my short film ‘Have Malleta Will Travel’ which was screened at the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017.

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Matt Melton: Foul Ball Hot Takes, Fantastic Fenway, & Winging a First Pitch The Baseball Bucket List Podcast

Matt Melton is a Red Sox fan who fell back in love with baseball thanks to a great experience at Fenway Park many years after the ’94 strike. He’s also a host of “That Baseball Show” which takes a look at baseball through the eyes of pop culture, social politics, and other topics on the periphery of the sport. Matt shares a hilarious story about the time he threw a first pitch as Whodini the Library Owl (with no hands) and shares the stories of how he and his friend each found their way back to baseball. We also hear a hot take on foul balls and the peer pressure that can accompany them. Find That Baseball Show Online:Twitter: @thatbbshowFind Baseball Bucket List Online:Twitter: @BaseballBucketFacebook: @BaseballBucketListInstagram: @Baseball.Bucket.ListWebsite: baseballbucketlist.comThis podcast is part of the Curved Brim Media Network:Twitter: @CurvedBrimWebsite: curvedbrimmedia.comSportsBall is the subscription box created for the baseball fan who wants more. Each box contains a hat, a decal, and a souvenir item. Learn more at
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  3. Shane Bua: Cribbage, Columbia, & a Confusing Seventh-inning Stretch
  4. Tom Schneider: Bloomberg, Bonilla, & Scouting as the Lifeblood of a Franchise
  5. Jeff Ragauskis: Cradle Cubs, Memory Marks from Wrigley, & An Awesome Ballpark Basement

My Short film ‘Have Malleta Will Travel’ was screened at the Cooperstown Hall of Fame in 2017. It resides in the Baseball Hall of Fame archive and chronicles my introduction to Cuban baseball. The title is a play on words with the Last Name Malleta bearing similarity to Maleta the Spanish noun for suitcase. Alexander Malleta would represent a unique bridge in playing for Industriales of Havana and in the Canam League in Ottawa. Join me as I share my unique baseball sojourn.

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