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The Baseball Bucket List podcast interviews baseball enthusiasts and insiders on what makes the game so special to them. I recently sat down with host Anna to discuss my journey to and through Cuban baseball culture. We talked about the genesis of CubaDugout and my short film ‘Have Malleta Will Travel’ which was screened at the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017.

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Joey Nigro: Chasing Kershaw, Being Tiktok Famous, & a Cooperstown Bachelor Trip The Baseball Bucket List Podcast

Joey Nigro is a Dodgers fan from Northeast Ohio. He shares how his mom contributed to his love of sports, but that it was a Scholastic Book Fair that made him a life-long Dodgers fan. We talk about his wife's journey to becoming a fan of the game, his bachelor trip to Cooperstown, and about a viral Tiktok video that earned his son a custom jersey from the LA Dodgers.Watch Sarah's Tiktok video on the show notes page: Joey Online: Twitter: @Dodgers_daddyInstagram: @joeynigro Baseball Bucket List: @baseballpastorFind Baseball Bucket List Online:Twitter: @BaseballBucketFacebook: @BaseballBucketListInstagram: @Baseball.Bucket.ListWebsite: baseballbucketlist.comThis podcast is part of the Curved Brim Media Network:Twitter: @CurvedBrimWebsite:
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My Short film ‘Have Malleta Will Travel’ was screened at the Cooperstown Hall of Fame in 2017. It resides in the Baseball Hall of Fame archive and chronicles my introduction to Cuban baseball. The title is a play on words with the Last Name Malleta bearing similarity to Maleta the Spanish noun for suitcase. Alexander Malleta would represent a unique bridge in playing for Industriales of Havana and in the Canam League in Ottawa. Join me as I share my unique baseball sojourn.

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