CubaDugout on the Baseball Bucket List

The Baseball Bucket List podcast interviews baseball enthusiasts and insiders on what makes the game so special to them. I recently sat down with host Anna to discuss my journey to and through Cuban baseball culture. We talked about the genesis of CubaDugout and my short film ‘Have Malleta Will Travel’ which was screened at the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017.

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Extra Innings: Matt & Tom Burns' Epic Baseball Roadtrip Tradition The Baseball Bucket List Podcast

In this episode of Extra Innings, we welcome back father-son duo Matt and Tom Burns. We primarily discuss their 2023 summer baseball trip through the Mid Atlantic, where they saw 20 games in 21 days. You’ll hear from Matt and Tom how the pair makes sure to hit the cultural hot spots and local institutions of every town they pass through. They also share their advice for how to make your own baseball trip a success! Follow along on Matt's Twitter as the pair embarks on their next adventure this weekend. They're traveling through the Eastern Midwest, hitting 23 ballparks in 23 days. Find the complete show notes and episode transcript here: Find Matt Online:Twitter: @mappingthepathYouTube: Mapping the PathWebsite: mappingthepath.comFind Baseball Bucket List Online:Twitter: @BaseballBucketFacebook: @BaseballBucketListInstagram: @Baseball.Bucket.ListWebsite: baseballbucketlist.comThis podcast is part of the Curved Brim Media Network:Twitter: @CurvedBrimWebsite:
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My Short film ‘Have Malleta Will Travel’ was screened at the Cooperstown Hall of Fame in 2017. It resides in the Baseball Hall of Fame archive and chronicles my introduction to Cuban baseball. The title is a play on words with the Last Name Malleta bearing similarity to Maleta the Spanish noun for suitcase. Alexander Malleta would represent a unique bridge in playing for Industriales of Havana and in the Canam League in Ottawa. Join me as I share my unique baseball sojourn.

Phil Selig

Canada’s Top Expert on Cuban Baseball. I first ventured to the island in 2012 with camera in hand and captured some of the future baseball stars of the world. I have returned many times immersing myself in the game and culture. Get inside the Dugout for a unique look at Cuban Baseball.