Little League Dreams Film Review

Cuba is legendary for their dominance in international baseball competition. Dominant in veritably every tournament but one. Cuba has never competed in the Little League World Series. That will change this August when a team of youngsters from Bayamo, Granma… Continue Reading

62nd Cuban National Series Baseball Schedule

The 62nd Cuban National Series Schedule has finally been released. The 61st series ended last June with Granma cementing their dynasty status and will face off against the team they defeated Matanzas to kick off the 2023 season. The National… Continue Reading

Team Cuba WBC 2023: Job One Not Job Done

The World Baseball Classic is still a bit top heavy. Cuba ran into a buzz saw of a United States lineup and was eliminated in the Semi-Final 14-2. That dispatching is disappointing but making it there at all is not.… Continue Reading

Team Cuba Death by 150 Paper Cuts

Team Cuba Death by 150 Paper Cuts is an article I originally wrote in March of 2017 in response to Cuba’s ouster from the the World Baseball Classic. It was originally for my Facebook page “Phil In The Blanks: Cuba… Continue Reading

2023 World Baseball Classic Team Cuba Round 1 Recap

The 2023 World Baseball Classic is illustrating how baseball worldwide has grown. The baseball nations of the world have not only closed the competition gap but Cuba has likely put itself into a deficit on the world stage. Once the… Continue Reading

The Baseball Podcast WBC Team Cuba

I recently sat down with The Baseball Podcast Twice. Ethan and Tom have been focusing on the upcoming World Baseball Classic. More specifically they have been bringing on guests with familiarity with different countries competing in the 2023 World Baseball… Continue Reading

2023 Caribbean Series

Cuba will return to the Caribbean Series, again. The tournament which pits the Champions of the top domestic leagues in the Caribbean was first contested in 1949. While Cuba was originally a pillar, their inclusion has been sporadic and inconsistent… Continue Reading

World Baseball Classic 2023 Team Cuba

Team Cuba recently moved to number 8 in the WBSC World Baseball Rankings. This represents an improvement from the twelfth position they occupied a few years back. This is a far cry from an era prior to rankings but when… Continue Reading

Cuban Baseball Blockade

Luis Robert w Team Cuba

I’ve been accused of being a ‘Useful Idiot’ when it comes to Cuba. I guess that is progress as few have described me as useful before. Most of what you hear about Cuba is true and also false. Tales of… Continue Reading