Pelota Cubana: Inside the Dugout

Get Inside the Dugout on Youtube and view episode 2. My interview with Pelota Cubana premieres at 7pm on Tuesday, March 2nd 2021 via the link below.

In this episode I present part 1 of my interview with Pelota Cubana’s Yusseff Diaz. Pelota Cubana is the top Spanish Language website exploring Cuban Baseball. Yusseff and his partner Yordano Carmona have become a must follow for Spanish speaking fans of baseball in and about Cuba.

We explore the origins of the website and discuss the motivation for their recently released book. Find out who inspired the writing of this book. Yusseff’s favourite interview and when it was obvious Cuban baseball was for real.

The book is called “MLB Stories Cuban Baseball…and my love for the game. It is an anthology of the many interviews the duo have conducted. These interviews are with some of Cuba’s finest professional players. They have chatted with many from Luis Tiant to Randy Arozarena. You should pick up this easy reading resource on the top players from Cuba. It is available for purchase HERE

Cuban Baseball book by Pelota Cubana
MLB Stories Cuban Baseball and my love for the game by Pelota Cubana

On a personal note, I have provided photos for the duo over the years. I realized I was onto something when they reached out and expressed interest in working together. It is an honour to see my picture of Andy Rodriguez as part of this great book. It gives me great confidence to know I have earned the respect of experts on Cuban Baseball. Their interviews have the finger on the pulse of Cuban baseball players and the motivations to leave Cuba and explore often dangerous baseball paths.

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Phil Selig

Canada’s Top Expert on Cuban Baseball. I first ventured to the island in 2012 with camera in hand and captured some of the future baseball stars of the world. I have returned many times immersing myself in the game and culture. Get inside the Dugout for a unique look at Cuban Baseball.