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I have to admit that I struggle to truly define Cubadugout. It has grown over the past decade. Starting as a collection of photos to now video profiles and unique insight on all things Cuban baseball. This mirrors the grander Cuban baseball sphere in many ways. The amount of content on the subject has exploded in the past few years.

One of the original blogs breaking news and providing fantastic editorial is Pelota Cubana. To this day co-founders Yusseff Diaz and Yordano Carmona are influential in the space. The pair from Miami are leaders in the ex-patriate Cuban community focusing on baseball. They recently focused on my story and my place in the ecosystem.

Phil Selig via Pelota Cubana

Being that you are Canadian, what led you to cover Cuban Baseball?
My introduction was in Cienfuegos and as a photographer with camera in tow I had captured some photos of Jose Abreu. We know what he has done since day 1 in MLB but those photos from Cuba started to gain some traction online. I returned to the island and when I could tried to test myself as an artist shooting the thing I love to shoot which is baseball. Each subsequent trip found me capturing some unique images that weren’t otherwise prevalent online. 
The internet has exploded on the island and I am fascinated by how many people like to view my images but connecting with the expat community and outlets such as Pelota Cubana played a huge role as well. Much of it has happened organically but also via people connecting digitally but then in real life knowing that we share a passion. At points I ask myself the same question and think more than anything my passion shines through and people appreciate that.

I recently chatted with Yusseff Diaz about the launch of Pelota Cubana’s first book. It is an anthology of the myriad interviews they have conducted with Cuba’s top baseball players. You can order your copy via Amazon here.

Stay up to date with Pelota Cubana via Twitter. The site is predominantly focused on Spanish coverage but increasingly presents their thoughts in English.

Pelota Cubana Profiles Cubadugout
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Phil Selig

Canada’s Top Expert on Cuban Baseball. I first ventured to the island in 2012 with camera in hand and captured some of the future baseball stars of the world. I have returned many times immersing myself in the game and culture. Get inside the Dugout for a unique look at Cuban Baseball.