Alfredo Despaigne’s Transcending Career

I recently stepped out of the Cuba Dugout to pinch hit for Cosmopolitan Baseball. He is a YouTuber and is a kindred spirit to this page focusing on Japanese baseball. His latest topic bridges both of our passions. Check out Cosmopolitan’s profile of one of the top Cuban sluggers to succeed in Japan in Alfredo Despaigne. You might recognize my voice as I give a short recap of Despaigne’s rise from Granma to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Alfredo Despaigne’s Transcending Career on Youtube

Despaigne is a familiar name to those who follow Cuban baseball. However, he might leave those who watch the MLB game asking, who? He is perhaps the greatest slugger that has maintained ties with cuba. Despaigne has carried that success with him to Japan. I have focused on Despaigne with my camera and my pen in the past. You can read up on that here

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