Inside the Dugout: @AndyBisAnArtist

Andy Brown British Artist

Andy Brown is an award-winning British artist you can follow him on social media via @AndyBisAnArtist. For over a half a decade he has travelled the globe. Armed with his paints to document baseball ballparks, stadiums, the players and people… Continue Reading

Gawain Owen: Cuba Inside the Dugout

Gawain Owen Interview

Get Inside the Dugout and check out my interview with Gawain Owen. You may not know the name Gawain Owen. He is arguably the top Cuba baseball insider and definitely the biggest expert in Europe. Because of this, you won’t… Continue Reading

Pelota Cubana: Inside the Dugout Full Interview

Inside the Dugout: Pelota Cubana Full Interview w Yusseff Diaz

Get Inside the Dugout on Youtube and Check out Cuba Inside the Dugout. My Full interview with Yusseff Diaz of Pelota Cubana is there NOW via the link below. In this episode I present the full interview with Pelota Cubana’s… Continue Reading

Pelota Cubana: Inside the Dugout

Yusseff Diaz and Phil Selig

Get Inside the Dugout on Youtube and view episode 2. My interview with Pelota Cubana premieres at 7pm on Tuesday, March 2nd 2021 via the link below. In this episode I present part 1 of my interview with Pelota Cubana’s… Continue Reading

Norge Vera White Sox Deal Official

The T’s are crossed and the I’s finally dotted on the contract between Norge Vera and the Chicago White Sox. The deal has been speculated since the summer, reported in January and now official. The pact is for $1.5 million… Continue Reading

Inside the Dugout: Episode 1

The Source for discovering Cuban Baseball is This is episode 1 of a new video series focusing on the top Cuban teams & Players around the world. In this episode I look at Cubans in MLB & Japanese Spring… Continue Reading


Getting to Know Yoelqui

The Major League draft trails behind the other major sports for excitement and sizzle. The draft is still vital to building successful franchises. There is frequently a gap between a player being drafted and appearing at the Major League level… Continue Reading


Astros Cuban Connections in Another Stratosphere

I recently appeared on the Locked on Astros Podcast to discuss the already impressive and growing Cuban pipeline the Houston Astros have built. The Chicago White Sox might have more Cuban Name brand power but the Astros Cuban Connections are… Continue Reading

The Guy is a Veritable Adonis er Adolis: Adolis Garcia

As I have immersed myself in Cuba’s baseball culture I have become fascinated with certain quirks. One that I love is the naming culture. The Gurriel brothers Yuniesky, Yulieski and Yunito are a perfect example. I have met Noelvis and… Continue Reading