Frank Camilo Morejón Through My Lens

Before I began capturing video and writing about Cuban baseball, my photos connected me with the Cuban baseball community. Some of my early photos were the first to circulate as the internet was in it’s naissance. I have had the good fortune to return many times and capture the Cuban National Team in Canada as well. Join me in a new series where I share some of my favourite photos and tell the Stories of some of Cuba’s best players. Today let’s look at  Frank Camilo Morejón Through My Lens.

Industriales of Havana

Ariel Pestano is considered the best Cuban catcher of all time in as close to consensus as you will find on such topics. A superb defensive catcher with an above average bat who was the backbone of some of Cuba’s strongest international teams. I am not making the argument that Frank Morejón is in that class of player. His impact on the game defensively and his overall contributions to Industriales and the Cuban National team however can not be denied. Many including myself consider Frank the best defensive Cuban catcher of the 2010s.

Industriales vs Cienfuegos 59th CNS

I was first introduced to Frank Camilo Morejón in 2018. I have had the opportunity to spend time learning his personal story off the diamond. Frank is a committed family man and not the only athlete in the house. His wife Yalennis is an Olympic Silver medallist for Cuba in Judo. Frank pursued his passion for baseball despite the objections of his parents. They wished he follow a more conventional career path like the military. During a recent trip I was able to accompany him to a Havana baseball diamond. He dedicated close to two hours as a surprise guest instructor for the local youngsters.

Frank Camilo Morejón

Frank has represented Cuba on the international stage on many occasions. He was the starting catcher for Cuba when they faced the Tampa Bay Rays in March of 2016. The majority of Team Cuba’s catching reps have generally gone to players with stronger bats. Many pitchers including Norberto Gonzalez rave about throwing to Frank thought. He acted as a veteran tutor for Cuba’s up & coming catchers during Cuba’s 2019 tour of the CanAm League.

Frank Camilo Morejón

Frank Camilo Morejón debuted at 18 for the Metropolitanos before joining Industriales. He has 17 Cuban National Series on his resume, no small feat, especially for a catcher. He has maintained his defensive prowess and has matured into a solid contact bat that doesn’t give away at bats. Frank at the very least has had a long and distinguished Cuban National Series career. A career that is approaching 20 years strapping on the catching Gear. Being a catcher has been described as donning “The Tools of Ignorance”. It is in many ways a thankless and cruel job which takes a toll on the body. For those reasons alone, Frank deserves respect as one of Cuba’s longest playing backstops of all time.

Phil Selig

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