Gawain Owen: Cuba Inside the Dugout

Get Inside the Dugout and check out my interview with Gawain Owen. You may not know the name Gawain Owen. He is arguably the top Cuba baseball insider and definitely the biggest expert in Europe. Because of this, you won’t want to miss this great in depth interview.

His knowledge will impress you and the unique access he has had is almost unparalleled. We discuss his journey from travelling with some of Cuba’s biggest baseball names and his accumulation of one of the best Cuban baseball collections going. We touch on the legacy of Peter Bjarkman, author and trailblazer who opened Cuban baseball to the outside world.​ His thoughts on the rise of today’s Cuban pros and the path to get to the Show.

Gawain Owen has travelled with the Cuban National team during many international tournaments. He has earned the trust of Cuba’s top stars. Many of those stars are now top MLB talents. He rubbed shoulders with Yuli Gurriel, Yoan Moncada, Jose Abreu and Yoennis Céspedes before the world knew their names.

Gawain Owen via Youtube

Because of the relationships he has built, he has amassed an impressive collection of Cuban baseball memorabilia. Take a tour of his collection via his YouTube page. We discuss this collection, his introduction to the hobby and his favourite collectors items. Due to this Cubadugout calls his collection the Real Cuban baseball Hall of Fame.

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The late Peter Bjarkman tells the tale of Cuban baseball during this era. Peter truly opened up the world of Cuban baseball. Owen is referenced in the book and was present for many of the key stories. This is a great read for anyone looking to understand the real path out of Cuba for top baseball players. Order your copy today via

Phil Selig

Canada’s Top Expert on Cuban Baseball. I first ventured to the island in 2012 with camera in hand and captured some of the future baseball stars of the world. I have returned many times immersing myself in the game and culture. Get inside the Dugout for a unique look at Cuban Baseball.