Santa Clara Leopardos: Greatest Team Ever

Cuba ended segregation in 1900. The small Caribbean island was more progressive than most of it’s neighbours. Cubad still lagged in integrating blacks into society except on the baseball diamond. Cuba forged early bonds with the American Negro Leagues. This… Continue Reading

EVERY Cuban In MLB 2021

27 Cubans played in the Major Leagues in 2021. Their contributions represented everything from injury call ups to the World Series MVP. Get Inside the Dugout and check out EVERY Cuban in MLB 2021. Click on the link below for… Continue Reading

Jorge Soler Player Profile

The Atlanta Braves run to the 2021 World Series was Soler Powered. Many assumed their season was over when young star Ronald Acuna was lost to injury and only the 1964 Cardinals had won a World Series with a below… Continue Reading