Visiting Cuba During Covid

Granma clinched the 60th Cuban National Series in April of 2021. The road to get there was meandering with multiple delays due to Covid outbreaks. Certain series were played out of sequence and the whole playoff took roughly two months… Continue Reading

The Taxing Wait for Oscar Colás

Good things come to those who wait. The White Sox have been waiting for close to two years for Oscar Colás. They might have to wait another year before he arrives on U.S. Shores. Get Inside the Dugout and look… Continue Reading

Jorge Soler Player Profile

The Atlanta Braves run to the 2021 World Series was Soler Powered. Many assumed their season was over when young star Ronald Acuna was lost to injury and only the 1964 Cardinals had won a World Series with a below… Continue Reading

Visiting Cuba During the Digital Revolution

Classic Cars Havana’s Malecon

Visiting Cuba as a tourist, even if you venture off the beaten path and experience something closer to the “real Cuba” can cloud your perspective. Cubans are a people so immensely proud that will give you the shirt off their… Continue Reading

2021 Cuban National Series Final Game 1

Cuban National Series Final Game 1 Live

Live Sunday, March 28th, 2021 2pm EST Cuban National Series Final Game 1 via Cubadugout. The Cuban National Series playoffs might end up taking as long as the regular season to complete, but finally we have arrived at the Finals.… Continue Reading

Havana Metropolitanos: Meet the Mets

Havana Metropolitanos Logo

The Havana Metropolitanos, step right up and Meet the Mets. I have spent an increasing amount of time trying to learn about the teams in the Cuban National Series and their histories. 1977 to present is considered the Modern Series.… Continue Reading